Antminer S1 – 180 GH/S

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Antminer S1 – 180 GH/S

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You must power up the miner.  To set up your power source for the AntMiner, the miner will use average 360W at the wall outlet.  So, at least, 400W computer PSU is needed.  (550W PSU with 80 PLUS is recommended for the stable operation, please make sure the 12V DC of the power is up to 45A) , and the PSU has a 6pin*2 connector; For this guide, we selected to use SUPER FLOWER SF-550P14XE 550W ATX 80PLUS GOLD power supply(You can also buy the 750w PSU  here)

  • Please do get  QUALITY and STRONG enough power supply for them. We have read about that if the PSU is not strong enough, the miner might shut down.
  • You will need 1 jumper wire.  On the PSU’s 24pin motherboard power cable, you have to cross the “Green” line and the “Black” line. (The PSU has a computer inside and it communicates with the motherboard.  For this setup, there is no computer motherboard to connect to, so, we have to make the PSU think it’s connected to the motherboard and the PCI and PCI-Express ports are needing the +12 V power.


Antminer S1 – 180 GH/S comes with the following specifications

Dual Blades Spec

Hash rate: 180 GH/S
Power consumption: about 360 W from the wall
Power supply: 3 +12V DC input
Power efficiency: 2 W/GH/s on wall
Size: 135 mm x 155 mm x 300 mm
Network connection: Ethernet Cable / WIFI
Cooling: 12cm PWM fans and customized heat sink
Stand alone: After you configuring it, the antminer S1 mines alone without a stratum proxy Quiet: ANTMINER S1 use the most power effective mining chips in the world, and the customized heat sink. All heat can be brought away by very slow wind. ANTMINER runs quietly.
Stable: The S1 mines 24 hours a day, without unexpected stops in mining progress. If your internet cuts out the the Antminer S1 will attempt to reconnect and start mining again when the internet connection stabilizes. Less resetting more efficient.
Accurate: Hardware Error rate as low as 0.3%, the lowest in the world.
Power effective: Saving the investment of PSU, cable and the cost of electricity bills.

The S1 is the one of the most best Bitcoin mining rig ever. More than 20% of the Network Hash Rate is contributed by ANTMINER S1

The S1 is now on sale for the best price ! Shipped immediately after payment!  Delivered within several days all over Europe! No additional VAT! In stock! Warranty included!

Technical Notice:
Please be aware that miners will generate noise and heat. Place order cautiously if you mind.
The actual mining speed might not be exactly what the official data says (it might hash slower or faster than that), because the mining process is affected by multiple factors, network condition, pool condition etc.
Hardware errors do happen occasionally, as long as the rate stays in a reasonable range, it’s nothing to worry about.
Technical support:
If you are a beginner miner, no worries, our instructions are extremely detailed and clear; our technician is extremely willing to helpful.
Returning policy:
This is a new and special industry. Products once sold, returns and refunds are not accepted. Price changes quickly with this industry, we do not do refund the if price drops after the order is placed.
Warranty invalid for damages caused by overclocking or unauthorized alteration.
Feedback and comments are very much welcome and appreciated. That helps us grow and improve, we are most grateful if you leave whatever you want to say about our products and service.